How to maintain nasal breathing 24/7 Manual - Instructional Guide

Man sleeps with mouth breathingBreathing through the mouth is a sign of chronic hyperventilation. It reduces absorption of nitric oxide (a powerful hormone that is generated in sinuses) and concentration of carbon dioxide on airways and arterial blood causing cell hypoxia, suppression of the immune systems and many other pathological effect (for medical research quotes follow the links at the bottom of this web page).
Healthy people with high CP (over 40 or 60 s for the body oxygen test - or stress-free breath holding time test done after usual exhalation) do not breathe through the mouth at all. If they try, their CP will be below 40 s. On the other hand, if you observe sick people, you will notice that breathing through the mouth is their frequent characteristic. It happens naturally at night as well when the CP is below 20 s.
The second step is to make a decision to breathe through the nose all the time when you are awake. Any time when your nose gets blocked, you should apply The breathing exercise to unblock the blocked nose. You can do it 10, 20, or 50 times per day.

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