Learning the Buteyko method

To learn the Buteyko method means to normalize (or improve) a personal breathing pattern 24/7. Hence, just learning or practicing Buteyko breathing exercises is not sufficient. You should change your unconscious breath pattern. Here is a typical example from the real life. If a person usually has a dry mouth every morning, he will never restore his health and his body oxygen content will remain low. If someone else sleeps every night on her back, her disease symptoms and usual breathing pattern will likely be almost the same even after practicing the best breathing exercises. Hence, it is important to learn the key healthy lifestyle factors of the Buteyko method and follows suggested Buteyko instructions. Before you start any breath work, you should have a very clear understanding where to go and how to achieve your goals. Hence, based on hundreds (!) of medical studies provided here and for the sake of Buteyko self help, you should learn about:- what is the main purpose of breathing retraining
- why overbreathing (or deep unconscious breathing pattern) reduces cell oxygenation
- what are the normal breathing pattern and ideal breathing pattern
- how should we breathe for maximum cell oxygen content
- how to measure one's body oxygen level using the Control Pause test
- what are the carbon dioxide uses in the human body, etc.
- which lifestyle factors make breathing heavier (deeper and/or faster)
- which lifestyle factors make breathing lighter (more shallow and slower)These are the reasons why there are so many web pages on this website. They are created for you!


  1. NormalBreathing.com website requires that you post backlinks to the source (pages of NormalBreathing.com) after copying information from it. Currently, this blog has many articles from NormalBreathing.com without any references .

  2. Thank you for a great web page about Buteyko breathing! It is the greatest gift for me and for human health. I have bad asthma with much mucus, sleep apnea og chronicle sinusitis. I have closed my mouth for 1 month and get great progress of only this method! I strive to learn the relaxation to get it right and will follow every single advice given in the coming weeks and months. My first goal is to get my CP to 20 +.