Your rate of progress (uncontrollable and controllable factors)

Your rate of CP progress, while learning the Buteyko method, depends on many factors. Generally, my students, when they correctly address all lifestyle factors, as described here, progress with the average CP growth of 4-6 s in 1 week. However, this is possible due to the DIY breathing device they use during early stages of learning. When practicing only Buteyko breathing exercises, the rate is slower (2-4 s higher CP in a week).
Some of the factors that influence this rate of CP progress are not under our control, for example:
● 1.Age of the person. When we are younger, it is easier for the body to adjust to new metabolic and physiological states. Young children often can progress from, for example, 5 s up to 60 s CP in 3-5 days; teenagers in 2-3 weeks; elderly people in many months.
● 2.Fat reserves. Obesity makes progress slower. Obese students, when their practice breathing exercises, first naturally loose weight while having more energy and no hunger. They usually experience moderate CP growth during the initial period of learning. Later their progress normally.
● 3.Amounts and types of medication used in the past. Those learners who consumed large amounts of medical drugs during previous years have slower progress rates.
However, you can influence or choose other factors and parameters important for your success in learning the Buteyko method:
- time devoted to breathing exercises (normally, I require about 1 hour per day for breathing exercises) and safe physical activity (with nasal breathing only);
- prompt correction of abnormal life style factors;
- self-discipline, perseverance and will power;
- ability to reveal the specific hidden factor which is the main stumbling block for your better health for any day or even moment of time;
- optimization of your actions based on all these considerations.

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