Learn the Emergency Procedure

"Practically, a human can change own breathing using will power and experience how the disease relates to breathing. Reduced breathing can alleviate, in 1-5 minutes, all the symptoms we were talking about: bronchial spasms (attacks of asthma or bronchitis), blocked nose (to unblock the nose), eliminate spasms of brain vessels - migraine or headache, spasms of heart vessels, spasms of blood vessels of arms and feet (endarteritis), ulcer pains (spasms of vessels in the stomach), spasms of bile ducts (holecistitis), to prevent an epilepsy attack… during frost to warm up the arms or the nose is simple – decrease breathing. Blood vessels dilate and you are warmed up! You are frightened, excited, you have a nervous shiver – slow down the breathing and in 1-2 minutes you will get peace. Using these mechanisms you can control your own body!” Buteyko KP, Carbon dioxide theory and a new method of treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and some other diseases, Public lecture in the Moscow State University on 9 December 1969.

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